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July 2, 2020

July 4, 2020 marks the 244th birthday for the United States.

We’re not alone in our celebration of independence this month. Canada, Rwanda, Somalia, Hong Kong and Burundi have July 1 as their Independence Day. The French celebrate Bastille Day on the 14th. In total, 20 countries recognize days in July for their independence.

Independence for any country doesn’t come without a great deal of self-examination. It’s about what you think but also how you’d like to change the status quo.

It’s a common saying that thought is free–as long as you keep it to yourself.

It’s the people who don’t keep their thoughts to themselves, who believe there’s a better way, that lead the push for independence. They have an idea a vision of how things could be. Add to that their audacity to believe they can make it come true.

The innovators who create movements that live beyond their time have set the course based on a specific purpose. They develop the values that support it and then create a culture for others to contribute their ideas.

Ultimately, this is how many causes grow to become bigger than that first seed of an idea. The ones that lead to extraordinary outcomes such as freedom, independence and openly practice critical thinking.

Photo credit: Free-Photos via Pixabay

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